Winner Teachers' Choice Award

Multiplication Mountain
Words and Music by Hap Palmer, HP116

Teachers Choice AwardTeachers' Evaluation Comments

What aspects of this product did you like the most?
I love how each song has its own musical style. One song is bluesy, another is more calypso. This change helps to keep it interesting to my students plus it helps them to keep their multiplication facts straight...the songs don't all sound the same.

The different styles in tempo interested my students and they often requested songs to be replayed during independent work.

The music is very upbeat and the lyrics are easy for the children to follow.

The fun and upbeat songs were very captivating for my students. They were easy and catchy tunes and the students really became excited to sing the songs each day during math time. It was a great way for me to introduce each set of multiplication facts. It also was a new way that allowed my visual, oral, and kinesthetic learners to be involved in learning.

How would this product need to improve to better support your curriculum?
One improvement I would make is to add songs that focus on multiplying by zero and 1. The ones facts are included with other numbers but it would  be beneficial to my students if one had its own song. Zero is not addressed at all and it needs to be.

Zero and doubles would be a nice addition.

This product fits quite nicely with our math program. It allows the children a fun way to learn their multiplication facts.

Multiplication facts are part of my curriculum. This CD allows me to teach the facts in a fun and exciting way rather than through rote memorization.

How did you make use of the product or integrate it into your lesson plans?
I played it when we were working on art projects, indoor recess, and Fun Friday time.

I played it during independent work and when we had free time we sang along to
the twos.

It was used to assist in learning multiplication facts.

I used the songs each day at the beginning of my math lessons.  Once the song and facts had been introduced we would practice several days with all the words.  Then we would practice the song without the answers.  This was a great review.  Even after the students shad mastered their math facts, they still asked to sing the songs along with the  new songs.

What skills did your students learn from this product?
My students learned their multiplication facts. They also learned a little bit about different music styles!

My students were able to call out products as the songs were played. They also made connections to "counting by" numbers we practice in class.

With the help of the music and lyrics the students were able to become more familiar with their multiplication facts. they were then able to transfer this to their math lessons!

The students were able to practice and learn many of their multiplication facts through the songs. It was an engaging material and allowed for students to practice instead of using flash cards all the time.

If funds were available, would you recommend this product to a teacher at the appropriate grade / age level?  Please explain why or why not.
Absolutely! My students LOVED these songs! I would hear them singing the songs quietly when the CD was not playing. It's a fun way to practice multiplication facts and can easily be integrated during non-math time for extra practice.

Yes. My students enjoyed it and so did I. I found my students singing along and learning their facts easily.

Sure! This is a fun and inexpensive way for the students to learn their math facts. By learning with music, it just seems to stick in their heads more.

Yes, my students were highly engaged with this material. The students were able to learn their facts quickly and it was a fun way to do it. I was able to integrate the songs into my curriculum easily and it did  not take much time which was great! This would be a great product or teachers who teach multiplication.


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