National Parenting Publications Gold Award
L.A. Parent Magazine Volume 14, Number 1, 1994

A Child's World Of Lullabies
Multicultural Songs for Quiet Times
Hap Palmer, Hap-Pal Music HP105
Ages 2-4

Hap Palmer's lilting and comforting voice, blended with beautiful musical arrangements, will quiet and calm listeners of all ages. Hap combines original songs, such a "Old Rocking Chair'" "A New World to Explore" and "Counting Miracles," with traditional lullabies from many cultures.  By using musical instruments from around the world, Hap takes the listener on a melodic journey into a variety of ethnic heritages:  "Bamboo Flute" (China), "Chippewa Lullaby" (Chippewa-Native American), "Hush Little Baby" (England/Appalachia) and more.

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