Parents' Choice Gold Award
Parent's Choice Honors, Spring 2009

Multiplication Mountain
Hap Palmer, Hap-Pal Music HP116

Veteran children's music artist and educator Hap Palmer has used sing-along lessons to tunefully help preschoolers and grade-schoolers with vowels, consonants, phonics, simple arithmetic, shapes and telling time. In his latest outing, Palmer applies his outstanding signature blend of music, fun and learning to shed light on the mysteries of multiplication. With infectious rhythms and melodies, Palmer helps listeners scale a "Multiplication Mountain." Base camp features "The Twos Give You Twice," "Fives Alive," "Tens Trip Off Your Tongue" and "Elevens Have Those Doubles." At the summit: the tables of 7 ("Almost To The Top") and 12 ("Reach For The Sun"). Palmer includes lyrics and a thoughtful activity guide for parents and teachers as well as a multiplication table and pointers about patterns and terms.

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