Parents' Choice Award
Parent's Choice Honors,Volume 19, Number 2, 1995

Rhythms On Parade
Hap Palmer, Hap-Pal Music HP102E
Ages 3-8

Hap Palmer, the dean of movement songs and rhyming rhythms presents an expanded version of his clever, action-packed album. Stimulating both imagination and movement, these 24 original songs are packed with kid-pleasing commands - "The mice go marching quietly by, Shh! Shh! ....The mighty monster marches by, Kaboom! Kaboom!.... Beat a drum, click your tongue..."  Palmer also encourages tapping, shaking, ringing and clapping in songs such as Switch on the Music, and Bean Bag Shake. Homemade Band includes simple instrument-making instructions, and each song comes with suggestions for alternative play. Lynne Heffley ©1995 Parents' Choice

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