Tillywig Toy and Media Award

Holiday and Everyday Songs
Hap Palmer, Hap-Pal Music CD HP120
All ages.

This uplifting sixteen-song musical collection celebrates holidays and occurrences great and small, days and moments that stand out in our individual or collective histories as being special. The album kicks off with 'We Have a Dream,' a soulful, gospel-tinged song with a resoundingly upbeat feel that celebrates Martin Luther King Day. It's a perfect convergence of sound and concept and representative of the way the artist so successfully tailors each arrangement to the mood of the holiday. The songs traverse a variety of styles (including Bluegrass, Dixieland, Rock & Roll, and others) that are as diverse as the holidays and occasions they honor. Each song has vocals, but instrumental versions (original track minus vocals) are included for most of the tracks so that kids can enjoy singing along solo once they know the lyrics. Holidays include Thanksgiving, Valentine's Day, Halloween, Fourth of July, Earth Day, Cinco de Mayo, a Birthday Medley for family and friends, and several others.

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