Getting To Know Myself

Songs teach body awareness and promote positive self-image. Concepts include body parts identification, spatial awareness, laterality and feelings.

This recording was originally made in 1972 for use in special education classes. The songs are equally effective in pre-school and early childhood classrooms.

The activities take advantage of a child's natural desire to explore, experience and discover. These movement oriented songs cover vocabulary related to self-awareness. Examples include:

Parts of the Body – hands, feet, arms, legs, hands, toes, elbows, knees, wrist, eyes, ears, neck, ankle, stomach.

Ways of Moving – walk, run, jump, hop, tip-toe, shake, bend, unbend, stretch, twist, touch, close, open, wiggle, turn, fly like a bird, swim like a fish, crawl like a bug.

Space and Direction – Front, back, side, up, down, over, under, forward, backward, inside, outside, behind, in front of, in back of, through, left, right.

Feelings and Emotions – happy, sad, angry, afraid, tired, sleepy.

The easy to do actions provide opportunities for involvement and success and thereby help to enhance a child's self-concept.

This is the first recording where Hap used professional studio musicians. Recorded at Hollywood Sound Recorders in 1972,
this production features:

Jim Gordon – Piano, Electric Piano, Clavinette
Bill Perry – Bass
Rick White – Electric, Acoustic Guitars
John Raines – Drums, Percussion
Hap Palmer – Vocals, Guitar, Recorder
Kathy, Bobby, Patty Flaherty – Children's Chorus
Tom Perry – Engineer
Pat Hallum, Anna Carter – Background Vocals
"Shake Something"
Lianna Kelley – Cover Design and Illustrations

Product Number: EA543


I love this cd, and have used it for several years in my classroom of three year olds. The kids love the music, especially Sammy. Shake something is fun too. I also have a 22 year old assistant teacher who loves this cd so much that she says she is going to bring it to a nightclub so she can bust it out on the dance floor to the song Left and Right. Way to go Hap!
-- Preschool Teacher and Fan

1. Feelings
2. Sammy
3. Touch
4. Shake Something
5. The Circle
6. Turn-A-Round
7. Circle Games
8. Left And Right
9. Be My Friend
10. Change
11. What Do People Do
12. Opposite