Quiet Places

Instrumental Music for Rest and Relaxation

1998 National Parenting Publications Award

Here is a restful alternative to our fast paced electronic age. This collection of all original instrumental music features the natural sounds of acoustic instruments such as harp, violin, viola, cello, flute, oboe, bassoon, clarinet, acoustic guitar, classical guitar, piano, and French horn. These beautiful serene melodies played with the soothing sounds of a chamber orchestra will appeal to listeners of all ages in a variety of situations. Children will become familiar with the sounds of the instruments of the orchestra while resting during nap time. The music is also valuable for accompanying slow stretching, and yoga. Put this recording on to calm students in the classroom...play it for yourself in the car to relax during evening commute...then use it for background dinner music to provide an aura of peace and calm for the whole family.


1. Star Gazing - Harp, piano, classical guitar, violins, cellos, flute, acoustic guitars, electric bass, drums

2. Snowfall - Cello, harp, electric guitar, acoustic guitars, oboe, flute, piano, wind chimes, triangle, bass, drums

3. Twilight Sea - Viola, flute, piano, classical guitar, flugelhorn, flute, violins, cello, piano, acoustic guitars, electric bass, drums

4. Misty Moonlight - Baroque flute, acoustic guitar, sampled koto, harp, acoustic guitars, piano, solo violin, French horn, oboe, violins, cellos, alto flute, electric bass, drums, voices

5. Peaceful Cove - Piano, harp, acoustic guitars, flute, violins, cellos, French horn, bells, electric bass, drums

6. Smooth Sailing - Flute, vibes, classical guitar, flugelhorn, violins, cellos, bassoon, electric bass, piano

7. Awakening - Piano, wind chimes, classical guitar, flute, oboe, vibes, electric guitar, cello, conga drums, fretless electric bass, acoustic guitars, drums

8. A Tender Moment - Violins, cello, voices, piano, classical guitar, flute, harp, acoustic guitars, electric bass, drums

9. Sierra Sunrise - Piano, acoustic guitars, wind chimes, flugelhorn, flute, violins, oboe, cellos, French horns, classical guitar, bass, drums

10. Fern River - Piano, flute, oboe, violins, cellos, harp, classical guitar, acoustic guitars, fretless electric bass

11. Serenity - Harp, acoustic guitars, classical guitar, flute, cello, French horn, wind chimes, piano, electric bass

12. Touching Clouds - Piano, violins, cellos, clarinet, vibes, classical guitar, flute, French horn, flugelhorn, electric guitar, bass, drums

Composed and Produced by Hap Palmer
Arranged by Miriam Mayer
Engineer: John Slattery
Second Engineer: Oscar Contreras
Violins: Peter Kent, Gail Cruz, Jeff Gauthier,
Lee Hornsinger, Sharon Jones, Julie Metz, Barbara Yoshita, Janice Quibble

Viola: Miriam Mayer
Cellos: Erika Kirkpatrick, Mellissa Dehassin, Ed Willet, Adrean Smith
Acoustic, Electric and Classical Guitars: Grant Geissman
Acoustic Guitar: Hap Palmer
Piano: Rich Ruttenberg, Steve Kaplan Bass: James Garafalo
Harp: Stephanie Bennett
Flute: Susan Teng
French Horn: Steve Durnin
Oboe, Clarinet, Flute, Alto Flute: Phil Feather, Jonathan Lipp
Trumpet, Flugelhorn: Walt Fowler
Bassoon: Janice Rosen
Drums: Tom Walsh, Brad Kaiser
Background Voices: Hap Palmer
Designed and Illustrated by: Carole Schumacher Onaitis
Photography: Stan Onaitis

All songs published by Hap-Pal Music. ©Hap-Pal Music all rights reserved. No part of these lyrics or activities may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without permission from the publisher.

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